Hoping That Someone Will See Me

inspired by a bus ride
watching some people stare at a man but say nothing
this piece is in the perspective of the man experiencing it

Hoping that someone will see me

Dressed in hot pink

Neon green

Purple and yellow

Hoping that someone will see me

Eyes shift

Heads turn

Eyes roll

Nose turns


As I walk by

No words come from my mouth

Teeth sucked

As I sit down

Zebra print scarf

Hair comb clip from the eighties

Jean jacket

No words

Just looks

Just loud offended faces

Hoping someone will open their eyes instead of closing them

Head shaking

Put on everything in my drawers

Just hoping that someone would see me


Glares and whispers

Nothing new to me

Clip in hair designed for Barbie

fit so perfectly on me

“Crazy” is my name

Or at least that’s what they call me

Or maybe it’s “eww”

I seem to have forgotten

Maybe it’s “what the hell?”

Who gives a damn

I express myself the only way I know how

Words exchanged

Handed out freely

“Hi how ya doin?”

No one asks me

No smiles

Just dirty looks

Distance as they scoot further away

They think they can treat me any kind of way

Longing to just talk

Just feel again

I walk over next to them


Nothing to say, I guess

Nothing new

Just about to speak

But someone looks at them

they feel ashamed.

So, sorry no greeting today

I wish they would learn not to color

Their glasses in with lies and judgement before they open their eyes

I wish they wouldn’t banish me from society before they see

So I proceed along

Best person they’d meet





Long story

Yesterday on repeat

Day after day

Looking for someone


Hoping that someone will see me

Copyright© 2013 Narelle Thomas
All rights reserved.


Release the rain- passage from “When Silence Speaks”

Release the rain
release the rain
release it all
cry your tears of relief
everything will be okay
just breathe and escape
just forget all of that negativity
release it all from your mind
leave it behind
forget fear and false judgment
it was never yours to begin with
leave it behind never to be seen again
live that dream
take my hand..
build your strength.. now
. ..let go
I know things may have been rough
but they’re better now… you can be free
you can dance to that liberating drum
you can move
you can be free
you can breathe
there are no clouds in the sky, no lightning, no storms, no earthquakes, the Earth is happy now… she is free too
reclaim your language and your attire.. you’re not trapped
you have your freedom
no more chains
you have no limits
you can yell those words proudly
you can say what’s real… you don’t have to hide anymore
it’s all right
no more discomfort
counteract that negativity and let the positivity grow
like the birds and the trees
you can pick up that natural rhythm
the Earths rhythm
take this in… this is not the end
you’re back to the beautiful place that you should be in
in harmony where there’s
unconditional love from the divine…beaming inside of you
waiting to be illuminated throughout your being
fly as high as Heru
you are you.. in the truest most confidently bright you
you can play that mellow but powerful music
bring your dreams to life
make them a reality
you can be all that you’re meant to be …. all that you desire to be… as bright as the sun in the sky
so let it beam.. and cry those tears of freedom and joy
let them grow new and stronger beginnings
let go… and let those tears flow
let them pour
let them go…
and let them grow

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For: Mrs.Mason
An extended family member who was like another grandmother to me

I wonder what it feels like when you feel the life force leaving you but you are all alone
No words to explain the feeling
No time to share the experience with anyone
No one around
How does that feel
Taken by surprise
Being chosen to join the pool of light
Eternal life
Called upon
To leave your family and close friends behind
Because it’s your time to become one with the light and not just reflect it
To be chosen
In that moment where you feel one piece die so that another can live
The feeling where you leave your temporary behind
Where you sacrifice one to become all
Where you become so large that the smallness dissolves
And you make transition from one state to the next
Not knowing what to expect but fully aware
Wishing you could tell your loved ones not to be scared because you have no fear
No longer feeling the burdens of the physical
Beginning to identify with something more real
Becoming all that you encompassed within all along
Losing all of your weakness to once again become strong

Copyright© 2012 Narelle Thomas
All rights reserved.

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