A walk back


Sometimes a walk seems long but only because you are awaiting the moment you’ll make it to your destination

On the way back you are following tracks you’ve made

Or retouching familiar lands

But even if the walk is harder,

The road is rocky,

all the tracks are gone,

or you think you’ve fallen off course

keep walking

Make the way to where you need to be

as Malcolm x said “by any means necessary”

Make it,

By all means

I was taking a walk home in the 90 degree weather.
Before I left home I was reminded that it was really hot out but for some reason it still didn’t feel too hot to me. I can tolerate high temperatures pretty well because they just don’t bother me too much. People had been complaining about the weather all week, how hot and oppressive it’s been. I understand that the summer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but this also made me think of
how some people live in places with consistently scorching hot weather.
People complain for such small mediocre things. People like to talk about how bad things are but if you just are there and take the time to just accept things as they are, most of the time, you’ll notice they aren’t half as bad as you might hear, or make them out to be.

During my walk I put that out of my mind and just started to laugh at how silly things can be and began to really enjoy being in that moment, during sunset. Putting the thought that it might storm outside of my head… I said whatever happens is meant to be. I’m prepared. Luckily I would be able to get a ride home if need be since I only lived 15mins away from where I was going lol…but anyway,

The walk seemed kind of long at first because I was thinking about how it’s a half hour walk (to and from) and how I had so many other things to do after I get back from my mini errand. I realized it was the only choice that made sense and so I decided to refocus my attention and just walk.

Mostly I thought of my life during the walk. I was thinking of my goals.

I remembered that life happens when it’s supposed to, as it’s said “everything is for a reason”.  There are no accidents. There is no mistake.

I accept what I cannot change. I will to change what I am able to change and what needs to be changed. I am grateful for all that I have because some don’t have much in spirit, in mind or in some of the resources that I do. Someone would be glad to be in your shoes so don’t be so quick to throw them away; Like all shoes they have a type. All shoes need to be broken into. You won’t necessarily be comfortable as soon as you take the first few steps but you will gain comfort along the way. As you continue to walk along, you will feel more stable

I thought about the condition of black people and how we have endured so much and to me are making a journey back into ourselves. A collective consciousness.

Coming back into a stronger knowledge of self and picking up pieces of what our ancestors left for us and using them to build well in the present.

This is what I was thinking as the words of the above poem came to me. I didn’t think of writing it that way but when I typed the words up, they began to take shape that way and reminded me of these things too.

There are many meanings in that poem. I can’t possibly go through all it means to me because there are so many things that come to me in that piece. It can only mean what you perceive in it and receive from it.

I was reminded that we all go through things but we must never let the things take control of our outcome. We must persist to keep a steady pace, continue to do the best that we know how to, and make it. Strong.

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