Show Me Who You Are

This piece is called Show me who you are.

This is very different because my self-portraits are usually called something like portrait of self…blah blah blah, but this time as I was adding the finishing touches I was painting to a song with that title by Jesse Boykins III.

You are probably wondering how I got the idea for this painting or what made me want to make a self-portrait.


At the beginning of the month I thought it woud be cool to make a piece of art and a poem for Women’s Herstory Month. I didn’t force it so a little later in the month this is what happened:

It all started when I was dancing around inside the house one day, then I started picturing some choreography in my head and later saw a still image of a woman dancing and I said “hum..maybe I can replicate that and make it into a painting.”  I had my younger sister take a picture of me while I tried to stay in the pose that I envisioned. Finally found a picture I liked and started drawing the figure. I also felt the feeling of the piece and how happy the woman was. I vaguely knew what I wanted the woman to look like but it was fine.

As I began to paint, I realized I liked the way I looked in the picture so I said “Hey, why not just continue with it?!” So I did. About 85% of the time that I painted I was listening to “Amen Awoman” (Also by Jesse Boykiins III) I love that song now..something about it just connected with me the whole time.

I thought of what I liked in myself, a little of what I value as a woman and let go with it..I feel like painting to certain music really takes me somewhere different with the work and adds dimensions to what I feel in the crative process..I really had fun and tried some different things & ultimately let the piece re-develop itself from my image and visions for it. Always open to receiving what you see in it..I actually will be working on another self-portrait sometime soon. I have ideas..they’ll soon come together further.

I said I haaaaad to finish this piece before the end of the month and so..Here it is!

Although I do believe we should honor and celebrate women every day of the year. Here’s a contribution..the poem I will most likely be sharing on soundcloud at a later date. 

Big thanks to two amazing artists that I have the privilege of having so close in vicinity and heart, my Mom and sister Aaliyah for sharing advice/critiques on this picture while I was in the process of fine tuning it..

Please let me know what you think.I welcome all feedback

Much love

Narelle~Image Ankh Khepera


Trees 3


This was supposed to be the third part to my feb 6th blog


Poem for this month- untitled

My feelings are embedded in the inaudible notes
On replay
In the backdrop between your breath and mine
dancing between heartbeats
In the spaces that our words played through to get to each other
Living in worlds only created in the silence of the mind
Union of body
Impression on the spirit
Mutual expression
Ever mingling
Ever enchanted
Creating a burning in our core
As the butterflies reappear like the sun and rainbows after a deadly storm
We are silent and sure
Our mouths speak no words
Our gestures
Our eyes
Our minds say more
Our feelings
Never more adored

Give a little

Hi everyone

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A Tribute to Magdalena Gomez- Happy Birthday!

Magdalena Gomez

People know her for many things

Performance Poet


Arts Educator


Co- Founder and Artistic Director of Teatro V!da

Magdalena Gomez

My inspiration



and friend

a woman of compassion and strength

that teaches me many things

like that i  can bring myself way farther than I ever thought i could reach

and when in doubt reach anyway

do not be scared but prepared

for anything..


“Narelle this is your last chance, if we can’t hear you this time call your mother to come and pick you up, because we can’t spend anymore time on just you”

“do you all think that’s fair?”

after that rehearsal, i decided that it was and worked to make sure it didn’t happen again next week

She helped to nurture my outside of the box thinking

and to see stories like kaliedescope images

there are many pieces shapes and colors that create the image that you see

it is the same with self expression

we all have a piece of the story

because we are all a part of the image

and when the lines serve to separate us bend them into circles of connection or connect the dots to see a new story

She told me that we are more alike than you may think

and as always that made me think

but also made me feel like i’m walking a path where it’s not so lonely

and taught me that living with intention is pretty hip

In an interview I was reading 

she said that “even in times of great sorrow, we must choose to find what is encouraging and life giving, how we choose to live our lives is the greatest lesson we teach.”

well in response to that Magdalena

I’d like to say thank you for always presenting me with a life giving option in which to grow from

thank you for the infinite lessons that you continue to share with me and the world each day that you live

and for showing society the beauty of being a woman of color that is fearless



and bold

to not always do what you are told

but to do what is necessary

Copyright© 2012 Narelle Thomas
All rights reserved.

“She’s somebody’s baby, she’s somebody’s sister, she’s somebody’s mama…”

peace everyone
I just wanted to take this post and dedicate it to the females. Treat all of the females in your life the right way, the way that they deserve to be treated.
Check this out and please let me know what you feel from it!
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href=””>;The Need


To the Disrespectful “Artists”

I am an avid arts event goer. Whether I am performing or not I always enjoy the experience and environment of a good artistic space. There is however, always that one person in the audience that throws off the whole vibe. When things like this happen where an artist is disrespected I try to focus even more on the artist performing or creating work. Any artist knows how it feels being onstage. It is often a very liberating experience. It can be very nerve racking for others. One thing that I cant stand is when “artists” disrespect other artists while they are performing/sharing presenting their work.  That’s what I have no patience for. How do you call yourself an artist, and you can’t respect other artist?!? You don’t have to agree with what they have to offer but don’t be rude to them or disrespectful.  When you do that your audience will most likely lose respect for you. If you are feeling out of place, disrespected, insecure or nervous, don’t disrespect the person that is on stage. Take that up to them after the show in a decent way or just step out. I’m sure that is a lot more appreciated by everyone, especially the one on stage.. Respect yourself enough to respect others.You know good and full well you wouldn’t like to be disrespected while sharing your work.
I know I’ve had a few people laugh or respond crazy when I’m onstage, and it’s alright, but the key is not letting it get to you and hoping that a piece of your message will soon reach them too. Know that you are there to do what you do and not give others an ego boost by focusing on them. If you focus on them or call them out the audience will get caught up too. The best thing to do is maintain focus on why you are on stage to begin with and to give all of that to the audience. The ones who behave the way that they do may even gain from it, they may also respect you more for not feeding into their immaturity/insecurity. We all have different tastes styles and opinions so in the name of the arts being a medium of self expression don’t discourage another’s self expression. Art is one of the purest things on earth. The art people create is like a child to them, it’s their baby sometimes. Respect the things in life that are still substantial, honest and pure. There is not too much of that left within view or celebrated as valuable. Be grateful for the artist that is willing to share much of themselves in sincerity. For some it’s all they have. And that’s a beautiful thing.
Until you are able to be repectful of an artist please don’t go around claiming to be’re giving others a bad example and misrepresenting many. You are representing yourself as a person before anything..what kind of person do you want to be seen as?

Copyright, 2012 Narelle Thomas, All rights reserved. May not be duplicated in any form without express written permission by the author.