Show Me Who You Are

This piece is called Show me who you are.

This is very different because my self-portraits are usually called something like portrait of self…blah blah blah, but this time as I was adding the finishing touches I was painting to a song with that title by Jesse Boykins III.

You are probably wondering how I got the idea for this painting or what made me want to make a self-portrait.


At the beginning of the month I thought it woud be cool to make a piece of art and a poem for Women’s Herstory Month. I didn’t force it so a little later in the month this is what happened:

It all started when I was dancing around inside the house one day, then I started picturing some choreography in my head and later saw a still image of a woman dancing and I said “hum..maybe I can replicate that and make it into a painting.”  I had my younger sister take a picture of me while I tried to stay in the pose that I envisioned. Finally found a picture I liked and started drawing the figure. I also felt the feeling of the piece and how happy the woman was. I vaguely knew what I wanted the woman to look like but it was fine.

As I began to paint, I realized I liked the way I looked in the picture so I said “Hey, why not just continue with it?!” So I did. About 85% of the time that I painted I was listening to “Amen Awoman” (Also by Jesse Boykiins III) I love that song now..something about it just connected with me the whole time.

I thought of what I liked in myself, a little of what I value as a woman and let go with it..I feel like painting to certain music really takes me somewhere different with the work and adds dimensions to what I feel in the crative process..I really had fun and tried some different things & ultimately let the piece re-develop itself from my image and visions for it. Always open to receiving what you see in it..I actually will be working on another self-portrait sometime soon. I have ideas..they’ll soon come together further.

I said I haaaaad to finish this piece before the end of the month and so..Here it is!

Although I do believe we should honor and celebrate women every day of the year. Here’s a contribution..the poem I will most likely be sharing on soundcloud at a later date. 

Big thanks to two amazing artists that I have the privilege of having so close in vicinity and heart, my Mom and sister Aaliyah for sharing advice/critiques on this picture while I was in the process of fine tuning it..

Please let me know what you think.I welcome all feedback

Much love

Narelle~Image Ankh Khepera


Questions for the living

People tend not to question things that have been traditional amongst family and larger groups only because it’s safer that way. Because it’s easier that way.. Because it’s tradition..if it has no moral spine or spiritually or ethically and you have no other reason for its continuance, what is the point in upholding it? To make someone happy? If it is your life, you have the right to express and reinforce what you stand in…what will help another continue to stand, because you did not submit to falling into a place of confusion.. Of something being Okay because everyone views it as such
If you continue to live for other people’s opinions and values, if it does not resonate with your spirit,
Do you choose to dedicate your current life to tradition and being correct and complacent and not fully expressing all of yourself so you can attract experiences of growth and healing? Will you reincarnate as your current self to be given the chance to try again? And once you are will you be too used to your old ways to give them up? Will you be able to connect with spirit anymore or will you just be a collection of pleasing things and unquestioned traditional customs and values?
What are you doing for those who came before you? Those that will come after..Will you strive or struggle in your purpose today?


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