reflections on the 19th year

Well I just turned another year old and thought to share a little of my reflecting thoughts

So this year for me has been VERY interesting indeed

I can be hard on myself sometimes but only because I know exactly what I want and that only I can go get it for myself and make what I want to see happen.

I think that was my constant quest. It always is.

This year has tested me a lot and taken me very far in re-discovery of self.

I really pushed myself to go further in every aspect of my life that I thought I could. It has been very interesting to see what I have to work on and how I have progressed.

I am sooooo grateful to all those who I have met. All of the people. People have taught me so much in conversation, in action, in deed, in silence, in stillness. I thank everyone I have met for all that they have shared with me. I thank everyone for any honesty, kindness, and conversation. Any form of love. It really is healing when you’re open  to it.

I have gone through a lot this year..Learned a lot about life.

 The key  things I learned about this year were discipline, drive and discernment

I thank my family, friends, supporters of my art, poetry, etc.

It all means a lot to me

I am so excited for the upcoming year . There will be a lot that takes place and I welcome it with great enthusiasm. Another level, another layer, another challenge.

I have a lot farther to go, a lot to learn

I’m  ready though

I say let’s go and continue to create change so that we can all grow!

A good year wish to everyone of prosperity, love and of becoming

Peace &<3

Narelle~Ankh khepera



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  1. readinpleasure
    Feb 07, 2013 @ 19:51:15

    Happy birthday


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