Happy holidays

I think some of the best gifts are given unexpectedly not as a surprise not always planned
From the heart
Without wanting or expectation
Just in the moment
In connection
Without thought or much intention
Just heart
Inspired by an internal vibe
Lacking social conditionings
Not even to be moral or humane
Just maybe translating that
there is a gift in your presence that contributes something beautiful to their life

Thanks to all my followers and friends for all the support of my writing, thanks for the comments and likes
Happy holidays everyone!
Much love peace and joy

Release the rain- passage from “When Silence Speaks”

Release the rain
release the rain
release it all
cry your tears of relief
everything will be okay
just breathe and escape
just forget all of that negativity
release it all from your mind
leave it behind
forget fear and false judgment
it was never yours to begin with
leave it behind never to be seen again
live that dream
take my hand..
build your strength.. now
. ..let go
I know things may have been rough
but they’re better now… you can be free
you can dance to that liberating drum
you can move
you can be free
you can breathe
there are no clouds in the sky, no lightning, no storms, no earthquakes, the Earth is happy now… she is free too
reclaim your language and your attire.. you’re not trapped
you have your freedom
no more chains
you have no limits
you can yell those words proudly
you can say what’s real… you don’t have to hide anymore
it’s all right
no more discomfort
counteract that negativity and let the positivity grow
like the birds and the trees
you can pick up that natural rhythm
the Earths rhythm
take this in… this is not the end
you’re back to the beautiful place that you should be in
in harmony where there’s
unconditional love from the divine…beaming inside of you
waiting to be illuminated throughout your being
fly as high as Heru
you are you.. in the truest most confidently bright you
you can play that mellow but powerful music
bring your dreams to life
make them a reality
you can be all that you’re meant to be …. all that you desire to be… as bright as the sun in the sky
so let it beam.. and cry those tears of freedom and joy
let them grow new and stronger beginnings
let go… and let those tears flow
let them pour
let them go…
and let them grow

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