She smiles..

She smiles to remind her less of the pain
She smiles to ease the strain
She smiles because it seems as though her happiness took the first plane flight out of plain sight
shortly after she was born
And the world didn’t treat her right anymore
She smiles because she knows better now than to take the easy way out
It is only a disillusionment
That will wear on the reigns of disappointment
She’d rather work smarter with the truth
Understand that nothing will change until she changes her mind about it
The heart is the only thing that’s constant
What she can trust because it is always the same unless something is out of balance
She knows the rhythm so her loyalty is foreseen
Her imagination is keen
She is inclined to dream because she often needs something to ease the jagged edges of reality
She smiles because her present is only a sequel to the past
Impression but there has not been much digression
It only gets better as she smiles
She smiles and the world seems to smile back in secret
She smiles because she gives thanks to all those who have paved the way for her and continue to look out for her from day to day
Even if life seems to smile at someone else she understands that it does not mean it is frowning at her
She smiles in return
She smiles because she knows that even if right now she doesn’t understand why one day soon she will
So she smiles
She smiles
As it becomes real

Copyright© 2012 Narelle Thomas
All rights reserved.


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