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Hi everyone

you are all invited to my event called “give a little”!/events/297077330392273/

It means that if you purchase anything on my site now until december 15th 2012 half of the amount I make will go to an awesome childrens fund

a non-profit organization called Children of Ma’at

the other half will go towards funding my creative projects and workings.

The “giving” is in the monetary support OR in the support of the event and all of the mentioned things.

I have a project to be released soon called ARTiculation Promos that caters to the needs of artists and art lovers but we need support for it so please like our page and follow us on twitter @articulationpro if you are an artist or believe in the transformative and healing power of the arts!

The other is Children of Ma’at. I am not the creator but I’d like to support their work monetarily because I think that children should have quality programs that contribute to their growth and help them to succeed and be expressive in all areas of life. I wish that I had support of this nature when I was younger (not to say that I wasn’t supported or had a bad/rough childhood, not true) BUT I really find this organization is worth support. To me it is one thing to give morally but another to give financially..Money helps things move and collective action creates change. I am only doing this because it is what I know will help me and others do what is necessary. Ever since I read about the childrens fund I thought ” this is so beautiful”. My page is also in need of some love so if you like what you read in my bio please hit like for my page to show some support. I’m also on twitter so make sure you stay up with the latest @Narelle_T

I’ll be sure to follow back

If you have done alllll those (you’re VERY appreciated, much love to you) then please feel free to share this information as this is the other meaning of “give” in the name of this event. Share, share, share

Thank you all very much for your support. I’ll be sharing more soon =)

She smiles..

She smiles to remind her less of the pain
She smiles to ease the strain
She smiles because it seems as though her happiness took the first plane flight out of plain sight
shortly after she was born
And the world didn’t treat her right anymore
She smiles because she knows better now than to take the easy way out
It is only a disillusionment
That will wear on the reigns of disappointment
She’d rather work smarter with the truth
Understand that nothing will change until she changes her mind about it
The heart is the only thing that’s constant
What she can trust because it is always the same unless something is out of balance
She knows the rhythm so her loyalty is foreseen
Her imagination is keen
She is inclined to dream because she often needs something to ease the jagged edges of reality
She smiles because her present is only a sequel to the past
Impression but there has not been much digression
It only gets better as she smiles
She smiles and the world seems to smile back in secret
She smiles because she gives thanks to all those who have paved the way for her and continue to look out for her from day to day
Even if life seems to smile at someone else she understands that it does not mean it is frowning at her
She smiles in return
She smiles because she knows that even if right now she doesn’t understand why one day soon she will
So she smiles
She smiles
As it becomes real

Copyright© 2012 Narelle Thomas
All rights reserved.


For: Mrs.Mason
An extended family member who was like another grandmother to me

I wonder what it feels like when you feel the life force leaving you but you are all alone
No words to explain the feeling
No time to share the experience with anyone
No one around
How does that feel
Taken by surprise
Being chosen to join the pool of light
Eternal life
Called upon
To leave your family and close friends behind
Because it’s your time to become one with the light and not just reflect it
To be chosen
In that moment where you feel one piece die so that another can live
The feeling where you leave your temporary behind
Where you sacrifice one to become all
Where you become so large that the smallness dissolves
And you make transition from one state to the next
Not knowing what to expect but fully aware
Wishing you could tell your loved ones not to be scared because you have no fear
No longer feeling the burdens of the physical
Beginning to identify with something more real
Becoming all that you encompassed within all along
Losing all of your weakness to once again become strong

Copyright© 2012 Narelle Thomas
All rights reserved.

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