A Tribute to Magdalena Gomez- Happy Birthday!

Magdalena Gomez

People know her for many things

Performance Poet


Arts Educator


Co- Founder and Artistic Director of Teatro V!da

Magdalena Gomez

My inspiration



and friend

a woman of compassion and strength

that teaches me many things

like that i  can bring myself way farther than I ever thought i could reach

and when in doubt reach anyway

do not be scared but prepared

for anything..


“Narelle this is your last chance, if we can’t hear you this time call your mother to come and pick you up, because we can’t spend anymore time on just you”

“do you all think that’s fair?”

after that rehearsal, i decided that it was and worked to make sure it didn’t happen again next week

She helped to nurture my outside of the box thinking

and to see stories like kaliedescope images

there are many pieces shapes and colors that create the image that you see

it is the same with self expression

we all have a piece of the story

because we are all a part of the image

and when the lines serve to separate us bend them into circles of connection or connect the dots to see a new story

She told me that we are more alike than you may think

and as always that made me think

but also made me feel like i’m walking a path where it’s not so lonely

and taught me that living with intention is pretty hip

In an interview I was reading 

she said that “even in times of great sorrow, we must choose to find what is encouraging and life giving, how we choose to live our lives is the greatest lesson we teach.”

well in response to that Magdalena

I’d like to say thank you for always presenting me with a life giving option in which to grow from

thank you for the infinite lessons that you continue to share with me and the world each day that you live

and for showing society the beauty of being a woman of color that is fearless



and bold

to not always do what you are told

but to do what is necessary

Copyright© 2012 Narelle Thomas
All rights reserved.


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