Did you ever

You ever feel?
You ever just sit there and feel your feelings?
Well I’m not the most emotional or the most deep
but I feel that I’ve become a lot more feeling
When I learned to accept the way that I am and noticed how many people are so uncomfortable being themselves
After I noticed how so many people learn after a certain point it is okay not to feel anymore
I felt even more compelled to share the way that I feel and spread the importance of really living
Caring enough to communicate clearly with the ones you care about because you know that it would hurt more to only know how someone really feels when they’re mad at you
I mean what if you blew up in an argument with someone and finally found out the truth and it scalded you
You go to work come back and realized that that was the last time you would see them or the last time they see you
How would you feel if you never let them know the truth unless it was thrown at the target person
Meant to burn char and cause their skin to peel
Communication should not begin or end in a stressful place
It should begin between sips of tea in the morning
A smile in the noon
A hug and kiss before bed
Many don’t get to talk anymore
Appreciate each others company
People are too frustrated to smile
To closed off or closed minded to connect
And even more feel too alone
Too scared
Too stubborn
Judgmental of themselves
Too scared to be vulnerable to feeling
To accept the truth as it is
Too afraid
Too hesitant
to talk about the reasons why

Copyright© 2012 Narelle Thomas
All rights reserved.

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