Soaring Upwards

Soaring Upwards-

Sometimes I sit and wonder what it feels like to be a bird…to be free
to fly in the sky…and soar..up
so high..above everything
making it seem so small
with great distance..higher and higher
confident…not worried about falling
birds are like us
but they sing to each other
they have nests
they even build from their environments
they sing out loud for everyone to hear
they speak their languages
the many pitches tones and caws
and each are understood commonly
they don’t need TV to show them reality
with no flaw…they are free
to fly must mean to have no animosity…
being true and in tune with the things around you
and if people are so much like birds ..what happened?
where did we go wrong?
some say that they like to be firmly planted to the ground but I ask… why?…. we aren’t trees
but even trees look to their roots for guidance
they fly together
they aren’t confined…with trapped minds…
we like having our minds in the clouds…afraid to come down
we seem to be so tied back and down by the temporary chains of earth
if only we could see through the eyes of the birds
they can fly through the trees …past the clouds
and never look down, for the fall
but instead looking up towards the sun
why can’t we fly?…I wonder
sometimes as i sit and watch the birds and become inspired
as I continue to look…I dream
I see us and them too
flying with wings of infinity
higher past the limits and further than the skies

Copyright, 2011 Narelle Thomas, All rights reserved. May not be duplicated in any form without express written permission by the author


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